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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Windows 2012 AD Schema Version

I previously posted  "quick-hitter" blogs about the schema versions in   Windows 8 Developers PreviewWindows Server 8 Beta

Windows Server 2012 was released today!!   The schema version did not change from the RC version.  The final version is  56 

I once again used adfind to quickly find the schema version.

The final Active Directory Schema version table is listed below.

Windows Server 2012 56
Windows 2008 R247
Windows 200844
Windows 2003 R231
Windows 200330
Windows 200013

MVP Brian Arkills posted a link to the changes made in adprep in Windows 2012 from version 48 to 56.  You can find that here

Windows Server 2012: Changes made by adprep.exe

You can download an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2012 and go start to learn and have fun.  This will be an OS that most of us will be using for the next 10+ years and it is an exciting day for those of us in the Windows Server world.   Thanks to all the hard work put in by the many people at Microsoft that made today happen.


  1. It's kind of funny, but the schema version says a lot.

    By the way, thanks for the link on the Schema changes. That is actually very helpful.

    1. I had a bet that it would be up to 60 so I was off by a bit. Time to take bets on what the schema version will be for R2.

      Glad you found the link helpful.

  2. Yeah, I was much more closer, Mike ;) as I bet it would be 55
    For R2 I would guess that schema version might be 59 or 60. However, I should choose only one that's why I say: 59

    Regarding this quick-hitter post, really useful links, Mike. Thanks for that. Your MVP awars is really good choice from Microsoft as your community leadership is unbelivable :)


    1. Thanks a lot Krzystof, that means a lot. I'm working on some longer posts too :)