Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outstanding Cloud & Identity Talk

I generally don't post videos or presentations as blog entries but this is one I haven't seen posted by a lot of folks and is a must watch for anyone in the Identity, Active Directory, Directory Services field.

The main reason I love this talk is because the presenter.  Microsoft's Kim Cameron     Kim is the Chief Architect of Identity in the Identity and Access Division at Microsoft.  In other words when it comes to anything Active Directory/DS.  Kim is "the man"

Vittorio had an excellent blog about Kim   (Kim was retiring when that blog was written but has come back and he talked about that in this presentation)

This is a twenty minute Kim's keynote from the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012.

Some things I liked

  • Use the efficiencies of the cloud to enable efficiencies in identity
  • The Cloud Motor Runs on Identity
  • Identity Management as a service is an inevitability
  • There ae other vendors who have similar directories...not as good of course :)
There are a lot of people that talk about the cloud and give talks.  This is one from a guy who truly knows his stuff.   Kim also has an excellent blog entry that goes with this video.

I'm personally excited that AD and Directory Services types can evolve our skills and have work for years to come.