Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Friend Wrote a Book

This is one of my non-technical posts...I know I know I need some current tech content...coming soon I promise :)

I have a biological brother very close in age but growing up I also had another really good friend that I considered (and still consider) to be just as much of a brother to me.

He wrote a book this year about the journey of his family and specifically a small town called Howardsville

Kevin JOB WELL DONE!! I know this was something you have wanted to do for years. It is a huge accomplishment to write a book. I have issues writing blog entries and you finished an entire book!!

The book is called HOWARDSVILLE: The Journey of an African-American Community in Loudoun County, Virginia

The local newspaper also wrote an article about the book earlier this year

Article on Howardsville and Kevin's book

A few things not mentioned in that article. They do mention Kevin's Uncle Richard. What they don't mention there is that Richard never made the trip home from Vietnam. He made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I didn't realize growing up what a big deal that was but now after serving I do know.

The author also mentioned that Kevin and I probably would not have the close friendship if we would grown up in a different era. That is probably true and it is a shame that it was like that for so many years but I really think things are changing for the better. We still have a ways to go but progress has been made.

I can still remember in high school having the most honest discussions about race and it really opened my eyes. I'm definitely a better person for having Kevin as a friend/brother all these years.

So Kevin time for you and the family to move back from Bermuda :)....again Great Job on the book and when do I get a signed copy hahaha

...ok back to thinking about technical content

Friday, October 2, 2009

Geek Network In Europe

My friend Eric went over to Germany for a customer visit and met up with one of our friends in the AD community. Anyone that reads my blog should know and follow Florian's blog too.

Not only are these guys some of the best Active Directory guys around but really cool people and good friends.

Check out Florian's post and pictures

The Geek Network at the Volksfest

New blog posts also coming from me...been very busy lately.