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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windows Server 8 - Schema Version Quick Hitter


After being put on ice the quick hitter series is back.

I downloaded one of my favorite active directory tools called ADFIND from MVP Joe Richards

So far adfind seems to work great with Windows Server 8. I have not tested every switch but so far so good.

I really like the adfind shortucts and it is a great way to do things like quickly find the schema verision. adfind -sc schver

As you can see the schema version in Windows Server 8 Developers Preview is 51

There are other ways to find the schema version if you don't have adfind installed. Santhosh has a good blog entry where he outlines other methods such as adsiedit and dsquery.

If you are keeping track or are asked in a trivia/interview situation here are the AD schema versions throughout the OS Versions

Windows Server 8 Developers Preview 51
Windows 2008 R2 47
Windows 2008 44
Windows 2003 R2 31
Windows 2003 30
Windows 2000 13


  1. I'm curious, if Microsoft in Windows Server 8 Directory Services resigned from supporting Windows 2000 environemnt? I need to admit that I haven't read anything about Server 8 yet, and I don't know if 2000 DCs would be supported?

    Did you see something about that, Mike?
    Does adprep show anything during schema extension process? Like in 2008 R2, NT4 was not supported and you needed SP4 on all of 2000 DCs with Windows 2000 native DFL?

    Thanks in advance for answer :)


  2. Good comment Krzystof, I'll check the adprep files on the Windows 8 disk and see if I can find more information.

    I would test but I'm not sure I have a Windows 2000 disk anymore.

    Windows 2000 isn't officially supported so I really can't guess either way.

    ...and none of us have read a ton on Server 8 yet. We are just jumping ahead. :)

  3. Mike,

    Do you know when Win Server 8 "beta"/"trial" will be available for the general public to download?

  4. @JM not sure when the general beta will be available but I'd guess not before 2012.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I've just checked if Windows Server 2012 RC will support Windows 2000 Domain Controllers and ... no :)
    The first available Domain Functional Level is Windows Server 2003, which means that 2000 DCs are not supported anymore.

    We have available the lowest DFL and FFL at Windows Server 2003 level, that means some IT age has been ended ;)

    Now, the time to check what happens with WINS ... :D