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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Odd Title For your Blog – Is AD really fun?

So why would I call my blog “ADisFUN”. There are a lot of things in this world that people consider fun and Active Directory is not often mentioned in that list.

What I really enjoy is that AD fits about any network. From those small businesses that run AD using SBS or to the large companies that span the globe with thousands and thousands of users across multiple continents. That means knowing AD and how it works is needed everywhere.

There is also always something to learn which is probably the most fun I have. If you ever hear anyone tell you that they have completely mastered AD and know everything about it then that person is lying. There are always new features and new versions coming out. Microsoft constantly strives to improve AD and now that they are releasing new features every two years there is always more to learn and know and try to master.

An analogy I use is that I compare Active Directory to the game of golf. Golf can be a humbling game and even someone as great as Tiger Woods knows that he will never truly “master” the game. Tiger comes close but he learns new things about his game and golf all the time. This is the same with Active Directory. There are those in the AD world that I consider the “Tiger Woods of AD” and the great thing is those people will readily admit that they still have things to learn and master.

There are new issues we encounter on a regular basis and solving those issues is what I consider Fun. Learning the new features is what I consider Fun. Working with great people in the AD community (see my blog list for some examples) is what I consider Fun. Helping answer questions in the community and receiving emails or comments from people is very fun and rewarding.

…and yes even going out and getting new certifications every few years is what I consider Fun :)


  1. Congratulations for your Blog. I just finish a big deployment of one single FOREST with 28 sites across all Mexico states. I'm MCP MCSA MCSE MCTS A+ N+ CCNA CST CNST CEH and found your site on the web. Congratulations on your MVP!!!! regards

    1. @el caballo, great work with the deployment and all your certs. Looks like you are doing a lot of good things in Mexico.