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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How great are Special Forces!!

Taking a detour from Active Directory.

By now everyone has heard how the Navy Seals rescued Captain Phillips from the pirates off the coast of Africa.

For those that don't know the three Navy Seals parachuted in and watched the boat Captain Phillips was in for several days. Then at one point two of the pirates briefly stuck their head out and two seals took simultaneous shots and killed the two pirates. The third seal at the same time shot at the third pirate inside (there must have been a window). That third shot was sucessful too. Three simultaneous shots...three kills. NBC News had a really great animation of all this but I can't find it on the web. If I do find it I'll post it.

Update from my friend Keith (also an Army Vet)
It was night and they used thermal image scopes that way they could see heat through the fiberglass life boat. 3 shots 3 kills. The forth pirate was aboard the navy ship as a negotiator

Great info Keith!! This is even more impressive.

How bad ass is that? Man oh man these guys are good. Just think if one shot would have been off Captain Phillips would have been a dead man.

I was in the Army but never came anywhere close to doing anything this high speed. You just have to take your hat off to all these guys in Special Forces they are a rare breed and we owe them a lot of thanks!!

Navy Seals, Army Rangers/Green Berets/Delta Force, USMC Force Recon, England’s SAS, Israeli Sayeret, and Germany's KSK.

Thanks to all of you, most of us will never know all the missions and things you all do to keep the world safe because of how Top Secret your missions are but we know you are out there and we know you are doing great things so THANK YOU!!!


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