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Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Friend Wrote a Book - Part 2

In 2009 I wrote a blog about my friend Kevin writing a book.  Friend is really not a good word here. Kevin and I have been like brothers for 30 years now.  I've always said that I have two brothers, my biological brother Andy, and Kevin.

In 2009 Kevin's book was mentioned in the local county paper.  Since that book was released Kevin has been working on his second book that tells the important story of blacks in Loudoun County, VA during the Civil War.

The book is called  From Loudoun To Glory

This is Kevin Grigsby's second book, which highlights Loudoun County's African-American heritage. From Loudoun To Glory is about the important role that African-Americans from Loudoun County, Virginia played in the Civil War. They would serve as soldiers, sailors, nurses, spies, and scouts. Over two hundred and fifty African-American soldiers and a dozen sailors from Loudoun served in the Union military during the Civil War.

The same things I said in my first blog about Kevin's book goes for this one.  This book  has made a bigger initial splash.  When I woke up on Sunday morning and saw the Washington Post I saw that Kevin's book was featured on the front page of the paper on A1, above the fold.  WOW!!!

The full Washington Post article can be found in the link below.  I've also included some screenshots from the paper.

Sunday, March 3, 2013  Washington Post front page, I put the red box around the book mention

A mention on the front page of one of the biggest papers on the planet.  It doesn't get much bigger than that.  It is cool to be on the same page with President Obama.  I thought that I'd see the book story in the Loudoun weekly section (small weekly insert).  I was wrong on that!  The book was prominently featured on the front page of the Washington Post Metro section. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013  Washington Post Metro Section 

This is one of the proudest moment's in Kevin's life (his kids are  #1 and #2 by a long shot) .  I couldn't imagine being happier for someone.  Years of hard work and dedication will keep this important story alive for many generations to come.  

Today - mentioned on the same page with President Obama...tomorrow a picture and meeting with President Obama where you present him with a signed is the limit :)

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