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Monday, July 2, 2012

MVP Award - Year Four

I woke up yesterday to great news that I've been awarded the MVP award in Directory Services for the fourth year.  I have previously written blogs with long thank you lists so I won't do that again.  Just a continued huge thanks to everyone I mentioned in those two blog entries.  I've learned from a lot of people and glad to help others.

My favorite part about being an MVP is the MVP summit and I'm really looking forward to going to Seattle again in the late winter.

This is an exciting time for Active Directory.  Windows 2012 is being released later this year.  Windows Azure Active Directory is coming online.  We will have a lot to learn but that is the fun part for me.


  1. Hey Mike,

    This year, I was nominated for an MVP. Do you have any advice for an aspiring MVP?

    Thank you,

  2. @Joseph

    First Congratulations on your nomination!! Since you have been nominated just keep what you have been doing. What sorts of things do you do know that got you noticed for the nomination?

  3. Congrats, Mike! It is well deserved.

    1. Thanks a lot Sam, really appreciate the comment. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.