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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 6/26 BlogRoll

I'm starting a new weekly post called the Friday BlogRoll. This is going to be some of the entries from the blog world that I found useful. It will usually be tech blogs but like everyone else in the Tech world I read other blogs too. Remember part of my blog title is "...and everything else..."

MVP Florian Frommherz had a really good entry on PDC Chaining
Really good concise explanation of what PDC chaining is and how it works. I highly recommend subscribing to Florian's blog.

The Active Directory Documentation Team has released an updated document detailing Active Directory Port Requirements
It is definitely good to know what ports are needed for AD, especially in environments where there may be firewalls and port blockages that could hinder operations. This is also where network traces and tools like portqry come in handy.

The Windows Blog team posted a blog outlining the pricing and upgrade options for Windows 7
I would have personally liked to see the prices a little lower. I understand the pricing but in these tough economic times I wonder how many people will go out and buy Windows 7. I'm guessing many will wait for their next PC that comes with Windows 7 installed. I have a feeling Windows 7 will be around 10 years from now... it is a good solid OS.

Staying on the Windows 7 theme, Microsoft has a good Windows Client Feature Comparison PDF available for download.
This is something you can give to your manager or anyone that asks what the key differences are between Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

MVP Don Jones has an ongoing 26 part series on Powershell over at Concentrated Tech.
Don has been a leader in the scripting community for years now and this is another great example of why he is one of the best around. He along with MVP Greg Shields do a great job on the Concentrated Tech site.

My brother Andy recently posted a video on YouTube about his thoughts on Twitter
Good response from the crowd at the Washington DC Improv, I could never get up and do stand up. Leave him a comment if you like the material and tell him I sent you :).

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