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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Steve Riley has left Microsoft

Steve Riley was let go as part of Microsoft's restructuring...this was round two of layoffs at Microsoft.

Steve Riley was one of Microsoft's best known speakers. His concentration was security related issues. I know times are tough for all companies but I was really surprised by this news.

Security is a huge concern in most corporations and Steve was a great speaker at most major events and brought a lot to the community.

I'm sure he will do well with whatever he does next but this is a head scratcher for sure.

If you read the comments to his blog entry you will see that he will definitely be missed.

Good Luck Steve!!


  1. It really goes to show the evolution (really, feels more like devolution for those of us going through it) of the company from the dynamic, agile company of a decade ago to the Wal-Mart of tomorrow. A lot of really good folks were lost in these layoffs and it feels like MS doesn't really even appreciate that there is a difference between any of their engineers. They should have let folks like me go before they ever thought of looking at Steve or some of the other folks that did go. It's sad really - MS is a company that has lost its way. All I can say is that I think we'll pay for it in the end.